Tuesday, December 8, 2009

c11 got screwed..

..and we're pissed. we (mostly dani, kensi, and mariyah) spent countless hours on our balcony, in the freezing cold weather to decorate it. what did we get out of it? second place, and a $20 gift card to walmart. way lame.

ours looked SOO good compared to everyone else's, like for real. hence the angry tenants of c11. the boys in D building (our only competition) and our apartment were in war all day! first off, we all went out to try building a snowman to put on our balcony, which didn't work because of the crappy snow, but d9 came out and tried to copy us! then the rest of the night, we were all out on our balconies spying. they even had the nerve to come to our door and try getting in!! SO lame. the girls next to us tried helping us out by putting their lights in an arrow pointing to ours, but it wasn't enough. :( i think what beat us out was their lame sound system slash trans siberian orchestra BLASTING. we only had a little boombox but we had REAL christmas music playing.. aka burl ives!

so to sum it up, we got 2nd. which is better than nothing. but we deserved first. :) and we each get about three dollars from our walmart gift card. wooooot...not. i think we're gonna buy a board game of some sort for the apartment. so it'll all work out. :)

all in all, i love christmas lights, and christmas, and my roommates.

the end. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


what is the exact definition of road kill you ask? well i took a look on good old webster.com and found it. and it reads:
Main Entry: road·kill Pronunciation: \ˈrōd-ˌkil\ Function: noun Date: 1972 1 : the remains of an animal that has been killed on a road by a motor vehicle2 : one that falls victim to intense competition
well interesting enough. but with my recent experience with roadkill, i think i'd have to alter this definition just a little bit. maybe add one extra definition. i think to put it simply it would have to be 3: a form of entertainment in the middle of nowhere.
uhh sick? you might say. why? may be another question. and to be honest, that for surely would have been my answer until i experienced this episode on sunday. no matter how warped, twisted, and sick minded this is, i watched. and i liked it.
maybe some background information would be nice? well we were just driving back to ephraim, and it was like a dead silent ride. we didn't talk all throughout the provo area and continued like this pretty much until we got to nephi. so then we decided to make a nice little pit stop in nephi and enjoy some wendy's. and HOLY, can you talk about some ornery wendy's workers? they were so rude! they just barked stay or go, and 3.19, and then here's your food. i'm sure they added in some choice words under their breath, but man. they were mean. but anyways, after we ate, we headed up the canyon. we were just minding our own business when i hear dani say, "is that blood?" i looked up and sure enough, EVERYWHERE, and i mean EEEVVVERRRYWHEERE on the road was covered in blood. it was disgusting! and that was when the chunks came in, then before we even could process what was in front of us, there was a massive thunk and a nice crunching noise. WE ALL WERE FREAKING OUT! so being as cool as we are, we flipped around to check that crap out. and boy were we in for a treat. :) we pulled off to the opposite side of the road so i could attempt to get a picture. braden was brave enough to walk right over to the scene, but this was before the actual body, it was just some random remains. as we were sitting on the side of the road, in the distance we saw three cars coming our way on the road kill side of the road. i ran behind the car so the remains of the poor creature wouldn't fly up all over me. i forgot to mention that the roadkill was located like in the perfect position to make it impossible to avoid it, like by swerving or anything. and the blood doesn't give enough of a warning at all. so we watched as those cars slammed into the roadkill. it was probably the FUNNIEST thing that has happened to me in awhile. we could not stop laughing!!! it was the loudest, grossest sound ever. those cars probably had crap all over them. dani then flipped around to the other side and drove nice and slow a few feet AWAY from the roadkill. and i was able to snap this fabulous shot.

we think it's a deer, what do you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

box elder.

such a sad day.. our school. being torn to shreds. :( brought tears to my eyes. for real.
so i thought i'd just write everything that makes box elder great!! :)

amazing teachers.
class of 09. chyeahh.
football games.
homecoming week.
four square.
the breezeway.
cheering section.
the trees
packed hallways.
the junky-ness.
crazy janitors.
basketball games.
bus rides.
turquoise panels.
deathly temperatures - hot and cold.
the drumline. (stir it up)
the sweet sound of the bell.
beto's runs.
girls and mens week.
team room.
the crazy parking lot. especially in the winter.
the scary north parking lot.
morning ball.
heavenology. :)
the construction.
trenchcoat boy. oh how i loved him.
the digusting bathrooms. with a great selction of bagged toilets.
pep assemblies.
the dying lawn.
the fish pond that only lasted a few hours. poor fish.
sluffing adventures.
the moldy gym ceiling.
the juicy drama. :) haha dumb.
life lessons.

and so much more. RIP box elder.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

class of 2009. :)

W-O-W!!! we did it! :) and it feels so good. 12 long years of school for a nice little folder and piece of paper. graduation was great.. sorta. it was kind of long, and almost impossible for us to get our diplomas. talk about being a close as a class, geez. i do not know how they expected everyone to fit in that little tunnel! but thanks to dani, i got my diploma just fine. the speeches were good! the best had to be ryan and his crazy jiggling arms. :) it was SO funny. and the mice. ahh, if they would've made it over to the girls the whole spectrum would have been in an uproar. i can hardly imagine! that made the beach balls looks like weak sauce. but i'm pretty sure everyone got their diplomas just fine, despite the very serious threat we got. "instead of going into the tunnel and getting your diploma, we will hand you a piece of paper that says -- ' You have an Administrative U! That is 6 hours of community service!' " i don't think that threat worked very much.. but oh well. it made graduation fun. :)
i wasn't expecting to cry and graduation, especially since i usually never do. but the tears just started coming and there wasn't much i could do about it. it's just sad to leave everyone, because we've all grown up with eachother. it's just such a normal thing to see everyone and it's going to be a drastic change in college. there's no have a good summer anymore, it's have a good life. laney is the most to blame for my crying.. the little betch. hahah. but it's alright i suppose.

the all-night party was a BLAST! so so fun. and the hypnotist was awesome! i wanted to be hypnotized like way a lot, but i'm way happy i got to watch. definitely one of the funniest things i have ever seen!! dani and whit were HILARIOUS! there was a lot to do there. first of all it was at the peak, so there was trampolines, and mats, and all sorts of crazy things to do. but they also brought in a mechanical bull, a bungee run thing (where you have a vest on and you have to run with the bungee cord on your back) a cartoonist, and they had pizza like all night and prizes! it was just awesome. and i won a WAY sweet backpack, that is for sure being used for hiking club! it will be able to carry all sorts of gear in it! all things considered, graduation was one of the best days of my life. for sure. it was happy, sad, exciting, boring, tiring, and a lot of other things all at once!!
yeah the cartoonist drew me with a butt part..
what the heck?


Sunday, May 31, 2009

first blog. ever.

yeah, the title is pretty self explanatory. so i'll call it good. :)

and i thought i could try out a picture.. easy enough!
well peace, and it might be another month or two before something else comes up. :)